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BAILEY, G.; NEILL, M. (2006): Quality in Person Centred Planning

BOWERS, Helen; BAILEY, Gill; SANDERSON, Helen; EASTERBROOK, Lorna; MACADAM, Alison (2008): Person Centred Thinking with Older People. HSA Press

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CURTIS, Emilee; DEZELSKY, Milly (1994): It’s my life. Preference- based planning. Castle Valley, Utah, USA: New Hats

CURTIS, Emilee; DEZELSKY, Milly (1994): A toolbox for person centered planning. Castle Valley, Utah, USA: New Hats

LUNT, Julie; HINZ, Andreas (Eds.) (2011): Training and Practice in Person Centred Planning - A European Perspective. Dalrymple and Verdun

MOUNT, Beth (2000): Person Centered Planning: Finding Directions for Change Using Personal Future Planning. New York, USA: Graphic Futures

MOUNT, Beth (2000): Life Building. Opening Windows to change. Using Personal Future Planning. Personal Workbook.New York, USA: Graphic Futures

MOUNT, Beth; O'BRIEN, Connie Lyle (2002): Building New World. A Sourcebook for Students with Disabilities in Transition from High School to Adult Life. New York USA: Graphic Futures

MOUNT, Beth; O'BRIEN, John (2005): Make a Difference – A Guidebook for Person-Centered Direct Support. Toronto: Inclusion Press

NEILL, Max; SANDERSON, Helen; SMITH, Helen; BAILEY, Gill; CARTER, Nicola; HUGHES, Angela; JONES, Vicky: Person Centred Thinking Day, Services and Beyond

O'BRIEN, John; BLESSING, Carol (2011): Conversations on Citizenship and Person-Centred Work. Toronto: Inclusion Press

O'BRIEN, John; O'BRIEN, Connie Lyle (Hrsg.) (2002): Implementing Person Centered Planning. Voices of Experience. Toronto: Inclusion Press

O'BRIEN, John; O'BRIEN, Connie Lyle (Hrsg.) (1999): A little book about Person Centered Planning. Toronto: Inclusion Press

O'BRIEN, John; MOUNT, Beth (2015): Pathfinders. People with Developmental Disabilities and Their Allies Building Communities That Work for Everybody. Toronto: Inclusion Press

O'BRIEN, John; PEARPOINT, Jack; KAHN, Lynda (2010): The PATH & MAPS Handbook. Person-Centred Ways to Build Community. Toronto: Inclusion Press.

O'BRIEN, John; PEARPOINT, Jack (Hrsg.) (2002): Person-centered planning with MAPS and PATH. A workbook for facilitators. Toronto: Inclusion Press

PEARPOINT, Jack (2002): Hints for Graphic Facilitators. Toronto: Inclusion Press

RITCHIE, Pete; SANDERSON, Helen; KILBANE, Jackie; ROUTLEDGE, Martin (2003): People, Plans and Practicalities. Achieving change through person centred planning. Edingburg: SHS-Trust

SANDERSON, Helen (2010): Habits for highly effective staff: Using person centred thinking in day to day work.

SANDERSON, Helen (2007): Person Centred Teams. Stockport

SANDERSON, Helen; LEWIS, Jaimee (2012): A Practical Guide to Delivering Personalisation: Person-Centred Practice in Health and Social Care. London & Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

SANDERSON, Helen; LIVESLEY, Michelle; POLL, Carl; KENNEDY, Jo (2008): Community Connecting. Stockport: HSA Press

SANDERSON, Helen; MATHIESEN, Ruth (2003): Person Centred Reviews. Stockport: HAS Press

SANDERSON, Helen; NEIL, Max (2009): From Individual to Strategic Change: Driving Change with Person Centred Information. Stockport

SANDERSON, Helen; Taylor, Maye (2008): Celebrating Families: Simple, practical ways to enhance family life. Stockport: HAS Press

SMULL, Michael; SANDERSON, Helen (2005): Essential lifestyle planning for everyone. Stockport, UK: The learning community

SMULL, Michael; SANDERSON, Helen (2001): Essential lifestyle planning. A handbook for facilitators. Accrington, UK: North West Training and Development Team

SMULL, Michael; BOURNE, Mary Lou; SANDERSON, Helen (2008): Becoming a Person Centered System: A brief overview of what we are learning in the USA and UK

WILLIAMS, Kim; SKELHORN, Louise; MATTHEWS, Alison: Total Communication: Person Centred Thinking and Practice. HSA Press

WILLIAMS, Richard; SANDERSON, Helen: What are we learning about person centred organisations?

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Yeiter, David. 2022. Lessons in listening. Toronto: Inclusion Press

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